Total Renovation

Our business has evolved from doing roofing and siding in the 80’s to porches and decks in the 90’s to 2nd story additions and complete tear down houses today. Needless, to say, we’ve done it all!

Higher land values and poor building practices in the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s have given some homeowners the option to tear down their existing structure and essentially, start from scratch. We’re continually examining the option of a tear down or total renovation with clients who want to add energy efficiencies and floor plan designs that are more sustainable. We understand the appeal to recycled materials, however, most building materials are just not cost effective to recycle unless it is a feature like a beam or an mantle.

We see a number of homeowners choosing to totally renovate a existing home because they fell in love with the location and/or their lot. Others, choose to  do a total renovation on an existing home because of the neighborhood or because it’s the school district their kids love. They may purchase an existing lot because it has the lakeshore and mature trees they want.

Regardless of your reason for talking to a contractor about a tear down, total renovation or whole home remodel, there are a few major things that need to be considered, particularly in relation to the zoning requirements. We’ll look at the setbacks, hardcover, watershed, flood plans and wetlands before deciding if a tear down is the best option. We  can tear down to the foundation or design a completely new home on a new foundation.

All that being said, our happiest homeowners have been the ones that choose to tear down or completely renovate. They escape the burden of having to live in the mess of a remodel and they ultimately have more input into the size, style and overall design of their home.

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