Frequently Asked Questions

What do I begin with? Budgets? blueprints? financing? surveys? Contractor? designer?

There are no hard and fast rules as to where you should start when considering your home remodel or new home construction project. At Excelsior Design Group, we have a complete staff of experienced design and build professionals to guide you through every step of the process.  Whether you’re designing your kitchen, bathroom, basement or entire house, we can guide you through the maize of regulations and procedures to help ensure the successful completion of designing your home.  We partner with local builders, such as the Danberry Building Corp, to bring your new home designs to life.  We do it all and we can guide you through the complexities.

Where will I get my best return on investment?

As a rule, adding a fireplace gives you the most bang for your buck.  However homeowners don’t usually just add a fireplace, they’ll add a new family room with a fireplace in it.  The next remodel project that will help your return on investment is adding a bathroom.  However, any time you are adding square feet you’re gaining value.

How long will my project take?

Most major projects take at least 90 days.  Level of completeness and weather play a significant role.

Can I live in my home while we are remodeling?

90% of the time, yes, you can reside there throughout the whole project.  Teardowns excluded!

How much can I finance?

Usually up to 80% of your homes value including the proposed remodeling.

What is the most popular upgrade?


What will my design fees be?

Registered Architects are about 7-9% of the value of the project – more if it’s a smaller project like decks.  ASID Interior designers can be $100-$200/hr.  Our design fees for cad drawings, interior design and Jeff are more in the 1-2% range.

Do I need a registered Architect?

Not for residential but for commercial yes.  We do have strategic partnerships with Architects if needed.  It is more often that we use draftsman to complete your plans.

Call us with your questions!

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