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Feature Remodeling Project

How is Excelsior Design Group unique? Find out in this feature remodeling project review!

The homeowners were looking for a contractor that could help them convert their dreams a building a practice lake home, ideal for the pro fisherman on Lake Minnetonka into reality. They wanted a cozy home for family gatherings while also keeping the ability for resale an option.

This home, a fish house for pro fisherman Ted Capra, inspired local authors and publication, Tonka Times.

The EDG approach: Excelsior Design Group assembles a team of design and construction craftspeople to bring your dream home to life. We truly enjoy what we do, and the process of delivery from start to finish. You’ll experience something beyond the typical design and remodel process with Excelsior Design Group:

  • Attention to your goals: we listen to your specific wishes and design goals
  • Experienced designers: we bring our decades of combined experience to your remodel or build
  • Excellence in craftsmanship: you’ll enjoy every detail of the finished product
  • Satisfaction in remodeling: we bring the very best of our talent to each aspect of your project

Check out the Excelsior Remodeling Project Photo Portfolio here, or see details on this specific remodel.

“I waited several years to find the right time and the right lot to build my lake home. After interviewing several contractors I turned to Jeff because he was able to take the plans that I had spent years working on and design something that fit my needs while also keep an eye on resale.  I was impressed with his expertise and knowledge of Orono’s zoning regulations.  In the end, we partnered together to build the lake home of my dreams.”

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